History & Process

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Through the ages the wise and diverse nature has allowed certain species to last and proliferate through a perfect miracle, the egg. Gustavo Querelle and Macarena Millar, felt great sympathy and curiosity for one of the species in particular, the snail, whose reproduction is one of the most interesting in nature. Which led her to study snails and their reproduction in captivity, eventually turning snail eggs into a unique product that stimulates culinary creativity, surprises palates and arouses the five senses. 

Starting in 1991, in a chilean University ( Universidad Mayor), several essays were performed in a laboratory during 4 years (excluding pasteurisation) arriving to the actual formula witch has been told to several french snail producers.

In 1996 Gustavo Querelle develloped a system to obtain a caviar not pasteurised and was published in the same year obtaining a patent of the product for 10 years , so the caviar d´escargot or Perlas de Afrodita were born!



Obtaining the delicate eggs is not a simple task since only the snails decide when they will deposit the eggs. For this to happen, we pamper our animals, as each of the snails is unique to us. Our caviar’s elaboration is delicate and needs a manual and unitary selection. To delight our select tasters with 50g of caviar, we need about 2100 perfectly round eggs, about 3mm in diameter, of white color and whose texture allows each to burst in the mouth, giving way to mild flavours that remind us of forests and fields.



La Perla was conceived in several variaties like Ivory, white, champagne and olive -orange.



In addition to the pleasure that our product causes visually and on the palate, it has a valuable health contribution, since it is a food rich in proteins, vitamins A, B3, B12, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and also low in fat. The combination of these elements help the proper functioning of
the different organs, circulatory and osseous systems of our body. Because of their contribution in amino acids, they protect the cells from free radicals with their powerful antioxidants.