Welcome to Snail Peals ! White Caviar

Egg laying, work of suspenders Normally about 10 days after copulation, the snail will start laying eggs. For that it needs a soft substrate and a certain humidity where it will drill a tunnel of approximately 4cm. It will be buried almost entirely through that tunnel and will begin to lay its eggs. The eggs are perfectly white, spherical and about 3 – 4mm in diameter. To lay each egg, they will need between 5 to 20 minutes. This stage is very long and exhausting for the animal, which will sometimes require 48 hours to complete its laying. The average of the lay of one Helix Aspersa Müller will be about 70 eggs. Once the snail completes its task, it will retreat through the same tunnel, carefully covering it and then go in search of water, food and rest. How are the eggs collected? The eggs are collected from the substrate once the snail has left the nest. Many layings are in cluster form and others are not. This is the reason why this work is manual, meticulous and time-consuming. Once most of the peat has been removed by means of a dry sieve, these will be sifted with cold […]